Step 7: How to Sell DRIP Tokens

In my previous tutorial, you learned how to claim DRIP. With that claimed DRIP, those tokens now appear in your wallet. You’re able to do whatever you want with those tokens, including selling them!

If you decide to sell your DRIP, you’ll be charged a 10% tax (in the form of DRIP tokens) to sell them on the DRIP website. This is the standard rate for selling DRIP.

How to Sell DRIP

After connecting your wallet to the DRIP website, you’ll want to head to the Swap/Fountain page. From there, simply enter the amount of DRIP you want to convert back into BNB under the Sell DRIP section:

sell drip tokens

First Time Selling DRIP?

If this is your first time selling DRIP, you’ll need to check that “Approve DRIP” radio button before selling. This gives the site access to actually selling your DRIP. The second time you sell, you won’t need to check that button!

As you can see in the screenshot above, even though I’m selling 10 DRIP tokens, the minimum I’ll receive in BNB is 0.9589. That’s because everything with DRIP is taxed; it’s how everyone gets paid.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve followed along this far you should be comfortable from start to finish with DRIP. If you missed any of the previous tutorials, you can read them here:

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