Step 5: How to Hydrate DRIP

Hydrating DRIP allows your Deposits to grow and daily earnings to skyrocket! The higher amount in your Deposits, the more you’ll earn every 24 hours.

Right now, my personal balance is around 93 DRIP tokens and I’m earning 0.93 DRIP tokens every 24 hours. At the current price of DRIP, that’s equivalent to making around $1,200/mo!

drip faucet balance

Hydrating is simple and only requires the following:

  • Small amount of BNB in your wallet
  • Wallet is connected to DRIP

All you’ll do is click the button under the Deposit section that says Hydrate. Your wallet will ask you to confirm your transaction and then you’re done. Your “Available” balance will go right back into your Deposits and everything will be complete.

hydrate drip

With Hydrating, you’ll only be charged a 5% tax on the Available balance which is half as much as every other thing on the site!

Feel free to download a copy of this DRIP Calculator and Hydration Template to get on a schedule for Hydrating/Claiming to ensure you make a great return!

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