Step 6: How to Claim DRIP

Claiming DRIP is just as easy as Hydrating DRIP. Once you know how to do one, you know how to do the other. If you missed my previous tutorial on Hydrating DRIP, click here to read it.

After clicking the Connect Wallet (on the DRIP website), simply scroll down on the Faucet page and click the Claim button. Your wallet will ask you to confirm the transaction and then you’re done. It’s really that easy!

claim drip

Every time you Claim, you’ll end up being charged a 10% tax (in BNB) on your Available balance so keep that in mind if your Available balance isn’t very high. You might end up spending more with the transaction than what you’re actually receiving.

Pro Tip: If you’ve deposited only 10 DRIP (on your initial deposit), you may not want to Claim/Hydrate every other day because the small BNB fee to do so might be higher than the amount you’re receiving. Some people with smaller balances choose to Hydrate 6 days a week and then Claim on the 7th day. Others do nothing for 6 days and then Hydrate on the 7th day. If you need help deciding, make sure to watch the video below that outlines the DRIP Calculator and how it works!

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