Step 4: How to buy DRIP (and save 10% in fees)

Currently, the only way to buy DRIP is by swapping/converting the BNB token for it, directly on the DRIP website. It’s an easy process and after doing it once or twice, you’ll be a pro!

Click here to watch the step-by-step buying DRIP process!

To buy DRIP, you need a wallet. If you don’t have a wallet yet, check out my previous tutorials:

Where to Buy BNB

To start, you’ll need to buy some BNB. When you buy BNB, you’ll need to take into consideration the cost of DRIP tokens because you’ll be converting the BNB into DRIP in just a few minutes.

To make math simple, let’s say the price of 1 BNB token is $400 and the price of 1 DRIP is $0.50. If you’re on a tight budget, you may only have $100 to spend (0.25 BNB). You’ll use that $100 to buy BNB. After buying BNB, and heading to the DRIP website to buy DRIP (below), you’ll want to buy at least 10 DRIP tokens and keep the remaining $90 worth of BNB in your wallet to pay for Hydrate/Claim/Sell transaction fees.

Here are the sites I recommend using (you only need to buy BNB from one site):

  • (International) or (United States).
  • KuCoin — I’m not familiar with the steps but know BNB is available for purchase.
  • TrustWallet — Create account, open app, tap Buy button, select BNB, follow steps in app.
  • — Create account, open app, connect payment method, buy BNB.

Converting BNB

After buying BNB, you MAY need to convert the BNB from the Binance Chain (BEP-2) to the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) if the site you’re using doesn’t offer this feature.

Pro tip: Purchasing your BNB on Binance and TrustWallet will make this swap for you, for free!

You can think of this swap as converting from one currency to another.

Example: If you live in Europe and move to the United States, you’ll need to convert your Euros to USD before you can spend your money. The conversion process is simple; you simply need to know where/how to do it.

Sending BNB

If you’re not familiar with sending crypto from one wallet/website to another, please watch this video (starting at 18:04):

drip network buying bnb

After you’ve successfully sent your BNB from where you bought it TO your WalletConnect wallet (MetaMask, TrustWallet, etc), you’re ready to buy some DRIP.

How to Buy DRIP

Now to the fun part! Click here to visit the DRIP website (this link opens in a new browser tab so you can keep this tutorial open while you follow the steps).

On the Fountain page, you’ll want to connect your wallet (upper right-hand corner). Make sure you have the Binance Smart Chain network selected before connecting the wallet.

Once your wallet is connected, you should see your BNB balance inside your wallet. Here’s what it will look like if you’re using MetaMask desktop (your BNB balance will be different than mine):

bnb token in metamask

Buying DRIP Video

For the complete, step-by-step process of buying DRIP, please watch this video:

How to Deposit DRIP

With your newly swapped/purchased DRIP tokens in your wallet, you’re ready to Deposit those tokens into the Faucet smart contract. Visit the Faucet page to make the deposit!

Pro tip: Before depositing your DRIP, make sure you have added a Buddy ID first! Follow this guide for adding a Buddy ID to your account (it’s required).

At this point, you should have:

  1. Connected Your Wallet
  2. Your Buddy ID added
  3. BNB in your wallet
  4. DRIP in your wallet

Now, you’ll head to the section on the Faucet page to deposit your DRIP tokens. As you can see in the screenshot below, I’m adding 2 DRIP tokens.

deposit drip into faucet

With EVERY DRIP deposit, you’ll pay a 10% tax. You’ll want to make sure to deposit a MINIMUM of 10 DRIP tokens to make sure you earn 1% in daily rewards.

With a 10 DRIP token deposit, you will be guaranteed to earn 1% on that deposit!

Here are some quick numbers of what you can expect to earn after depositing a certain number of DRIP tokens:

  • 10 DRIP – 10% tax -> 9 DRIP in Deposits (earns 0.09 DRIP every 24 hours)
  • 20 DRIP – 10% tax -> 18 DRIP in Deposits (earns 0.18 DRIP every 24 hours)
  • 50 DRIP – 10% tax -> 45 DRIP in Deposits (earns 0.45 DRIP every 24 hours)
  • 100 DRIP – 10% tax -> 90 DRIP in Deposits (earns 0.9 DRIP every 24 hours)
  • 500 DRIP – 10% tax -> 450 DRIP in Deposits (earns 4.5 DRIP every 24 hours)

You have the option of manually entering the amount of DRIP you want to deposit OR clicking the MAX button to deposit ALL the DRIP tokens in your wallet. If you decide not to deposit all the tokens, make sure you understand that if you leave anything less than 1 DRIP in your wallet, you won’t be able to deposit the balance at a later time because there’s a 1 DRIP deposit minimum!

Next, click the Deposit button and confirm the transaction in your wallet. You’re done!!

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